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Welcome to the Office of Marriage, Family and Respect Life's registration page for taking the FOCCUS inventory. To proceed, please enter the parish name and passcode for the priest / deacon who is preparing you for marriage. If you have not already received the parish passcode, please contact your facilitator.

IMPORTANT: Please only register for FOCCUS once per couple.  One registration will ensure that both you and your fiancée will be able to complete the survey.

NOTE: If you encounter any problems in your attempt to register for FOCCUS, please email with your full name, your fiancé(e)'s full name, your e-mail, your fiancé(e)'s e-mail, the priest/deacon who is preparing you, and the parish.
Parish Key
Please note: if you do not have access to the internet and/or do not have an email address, you will NOT be able to take the FOCCUS online. Please make arrangements with the priest or deacon preparing you to take the paper/pencil version of the inventory at your parish.